Build Understanding

Build Pictures produces persuasive, emotionally charged films about creativity and innovation, focusing on what drives individuals and organizations as they pursue their visions in science, technology, business, education, and art. Put simply, Build Pictures specializes in portraiture and process, creating compelling, elegant films, which explain what makes people tick and how things work – building identity, awareness, and value.

Build Relationships

Whether for television or the Internet, for marketing, branding, or fundraising, Build Pictures combines high-quality storytelling and the finest film craft to draw attention, communicate mission, sustain interest, and shape outcome. Ultimately, we provide creative content that is focused and styled to ensure maximum audience engagement and meaningful connections.

Build the Future

Visualizing new possibilities is the first step toward creating new realities. In that spirit, Build Pictures values clients and projects that focus on purposeful products/services, smart design, social impact, and sustainable practices.